We help you deliver the right information, to the right person, at the right time for faster, better informed decision making across the organization. We are experienced in the deployment of business intelligence with a focus on the management objectives of organizations of all sizes.

Our Business Intelligence consultants are experts at eliciting organizational goals, determining the appropriate data to track in alignment with those goals, understanding industry-specific metrics and KPIs and creating dashboards and analytics that allow for the monitoring of those metrics in order to facilitate empowered decision-making.



Empower managers and workers to evaluate and control the performance of their respective business units.



Effectively and efficiently communicate performance to both internal and external stakeholders.



Identify gaps between performance and expectation and provide guidance toward remediation or improvement.

Get Deeper Insights into Your Data

Want deeper insights into your data? At Sikich, we specialize in the art and science of bringing data to life.  Dive deeper with a one-on-one, consultation with one of our trained professionals.  We take your data and turn it into rich dashboards and visualizations so you can see what maters most to you, and your business.


A Solution For  All Your Business Intelligence Needs

Not Sure Where to Start?  We’ll Give You A Jump Start

JumpStart your business intelligence initiatives and provide rapid Return on Investment


Sikich BI consultants help you define the specific analysis and dashboard requirements.


We deploy the solution, structure the data and modify the cubes as required to provide focused KPI and business metrics.


We build the charts, graphs, tables and assemble into ready to use dashboards.

Unlock The Power of Business Intelligence

  • Create market differentiation to identify new revenue streams
  • Make faster, smarter business decisions to improve the organization’s bottom line
  • Identify opportunities for improvement and react quickly to mitigate issues
  • Manage key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time
  • Visualize critical information in an easily digestible format, to more efficiently perform, with better controls and predictability
  • Convert vast amounts of company data into actionable insights to help you stay ahead of the competition
  • Accurately predict the future by analyzing current and past trends
  • Sort through mounds of data to promptly identify the most useful segments, like what’s selling where and what’s profitable in certain markets

Meet Our Business Intelligence Partner

John Kleb, CPA
John Kleb, CPAPartner, Strategic Technologies

John Kleb is Partner, Strategic Technologies at Sikich. John started out by building a six-person CPA firm to handle small-business accounting. Being part of a small firm, John gained exposure to issues facing other small businesses that blended his CPA background with his passion in Technology.

He joined Sikich in 1995 when he merged his accounting practice of 13 years to lead a newly formed Small Business Unit. His experience and expertise with Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision at the time) helped cement Sikich as an ERP implementation leader. John was also instrumental in starting the hugely popular Directions convention for those in the NAV tech community all over the world.

In his current role, John now uses his team centric approach to problem solving to help clients harness vast amounts of data, turn that data into actionable information, use that data to suggest courses of action, alert you to changes in that data, and/or call your attention to trends.