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Dynamics 365 for Chemical Manufacturers

Chemical manufacturers work in a volatile, competitive marketplace that demands stringent compliance with global and regional regulations — environmental, health, safety, and more.  At the same time, they face ongoing needs to streamline operations, improve profit margins, and ensure that R&D keep them ahead of the competition. Due to increasing regulations, shortage of skilled workers, complex supply chains, the need for continuous innovation, aging asset infrastructures and rising energy and feedstock costs, chemical companies need to become more increasingly agile. Business and IT leadership struggle to find cost-effective, flexible systems that can help them meet these challenges and facilitate growth.

To offer an industry based solution requires recognition that the industry is incredibly diverse – segmented across the categories of Basic Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Agricultural and Consumer Products.  From a manufacturing solution perspective, there are many similarities at the transaction processing level – such as the need to use a system that works with formulas and recipes and batch orders and process flows.  However, across the industry, products, customers, supply chains, are vastly different and drive completely different opportunities (and risks) in each industry category.

Helping chemical companies reach their full potential with technology.

Sikich Understands and Supports Chemical Manufacturers

  • Basic Chemicals

  • Specialty Chemicals

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Agricultural and Consumer Products

Having a partner who knows process manufacturing intimately, but also makes it their business to understand this diversity, offering solutions that are flexible enough to support your competitive edge in your segment, and powerful enough to underpin operational excellence in the business you are in, is critical. We see this as the fundamental difference between us and general software resellers. We invest in understanding what makes you successful in your market, because if you are not, we won’t be either.

Sikich, sells, implements and supports business software applications designed specifically for the needs of Chemical Manufacturers. A gold certified, award winning Microsoft partner, we offer the Microsoft Dynamics suite of Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Resource Management products for clients in all the chemical industry verticals. We also offer specialty products for Advanced Quality Management, Plant and Equipment Maintenance, Field Service Mobility, Sustainability Reporting and Business Intelligence. Our expertise and solutions have helped clients, in a diverse range of industry segments – from plastics to oil field chemicals, adhesives to fine chemicals- become more agile in a challenging business environment.


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Our clients depend on us to deliver support for their core business processes and regulatory needs, enhance their responsiveness to the changing marketplace, help them deliver exceptional customer service and provide better business insight.

Drive Excellence and Grow Revenue

  • Create and monitor KPI’s
  • Manage financials effectively
  • Gain visibility into global demand, inventory, logistics
  • Adjust production levels
  • Response to pricing and demand
  • Manage assets proactively
  • Deliver a single reporting view across departments and geographies
  • Connect sales, production and financials
  • Share Real-time information
  • Create and share consistent, timely reports
  • Speed decision making and problem solving
  • Respond proactively to alerts

Impact Key Business Areas

  • Portfolio management
  • “what if” scenarios
  • Coordinate key staff and assets
  • Respond to changing market requirements
  • Target areas for product development
  • Optimize cost and supply of feedstock
  • Monitor quality
  • Plan production to meet demand
  • Rapidly adjust product mix
  • Minimize product shelf life
  • Plan distribution to match production
  • Improve fill rates
  • Identify “cost to serve” particular customers
  • Focus on profitable sectors

Delivering Solutions Specific to Chemical Industry Needs

We take a “business-intimate” view of our role in the industry. We believe that a deep understanding of where our clients seize business opportunities and reduce operational risk, should drive our solution portfolio. We offer a growing suite of smart applications designed to elevate clients above their competitors.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX

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Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365

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A Seamlessly Integrated Solution for all Your Business Needs

Sikich offers a suite of powerful business solutions including enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management. We marry technologies like Azure and Power BI, mobility and the cloud, Office 365 and MS SQL Server, Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions and CRM – to deliver a seamless and integrated solution for all aspects of your business.

Our clients rely on our deep business process expertise, insightful industry understanding, and responsive customer care for solutions built on the solid foundation of familiar Microsoft products.

Comprehensive Services For All Your Technology Needs

Meet Our Chemical Manufacturing Expert

Debbie Altham
Debbie AlthamIndustry Director - Process Industries

Debbie Altham is the Industry Director of Process Industries at Sikich and manages our Chemical and Bio Tech Dynamics solutions for highly regulated products from specialty chemical through pharmaceuticals. Debbie focuses on promoting the inclusion of sustainability as a core business goal and delivering business software solutions that combine the measurement and reporting frameworks for both financial and environmental performance.

Founder of New Zealand Dynamics AX reseller, Solution Partners (NZ) Limited, Debbie started in 1996 to resell and support the Swedish product Scala (now part of Epicor), SPNZ has been selling, implementing and supporting Microsoft Dynamics AX products since 1999. Kansas City based Solution Partners NA LLC was formed in 2005, combining a successful and established ERP practice based in the Mid West, with specialized expertise in Dynamics AX. The business was founded on a passion for delivering and supporting quality business software solutions. Solution Partners was recently acquired by Sikich LLP.

With a focus on delivering bottom line business value, Debbie supports our clients in their efforts to better engage their customers, empower their employees, transform their products and optimize their operations. Aiming for a leadership position for clients and ourselves, our industry focused teams bring together the expertise, technology and the methods needed to covert a digital vision of the future into reality.

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