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Microsoft Implementations for the Digital CFO

As you’re well aware, technology continues to play an increasing role in your responsibilities as it extends to every aspect of your business. You are expected to wear a lot of hats, part analyst, part futurist, collaborator, and all business. Your success depends on your ability to keep the company ahead of the competition, by modernizing and transforming business systems and operations to improve productivity and boost the bottom line.

It may be time to rethink your current financial and technology infrastructure, and we’re here to help.

We have the right balance of technology and financial expertise to position you ahead of your competition and deliver the insight and agility you need to turn your business on a dime. Many of our firm’s technology leaders are CPA’s and former CFO’s who understand your strategic challenges and can help you overcome those obstacles.

We Address Your Challenges

Countdown to ASC 606: What Every Business Needs to Know About the New Revenue Recognition Standard

The new revenue recognition standard is the biggest accounting change the world has seen in over a decade.

The new revenue recognition standard ASC 606 represents the most widespread change to revenue recognition rules in recent years. The transition from a rules-based approach for rev rec to a principle-based approach has significant implications for your entire organization. Every business must prepare for numerous impacts across systems, processes and policies as they work toward compliance.

What you need to know to prepare your business for the new revenue recognition standard ASC 606 is in this downloadable white paper.


Access Resources Tailored to You

Digital Transformation: Are You Prepared to Lead?

You have an important seat at the table when it comes to engaging customers, empowering employees, optimizing operations and transforming products.

Be prepared to be involved in every step of the digital transformation process with emerging business and technology trends that are shaping the future of business.

You Can’t Afford to Do Nothing

When it comes to making a shift in business application strategy, one of the biggest objections we encounter is the lack of budget or uncertainty about the fixed upfront investment in relation to the expected ROI.  Unfortunately, the traditional way ROI is accounted for, doesn’t work for business systems strategies. Reimagining your business application strategy is a long-term program, not a project, and doing nothing about outdated systems and business processes, is simply not an option in today’s competitive market.   Your legacy systems could be holding you back from meeting your customer’s rising expectations, complying with both internal and external regulations, and consuming an overwhelming amount of time and resources just to keep them running.

We provide a broad portfolio of strategic technology services and solutions, across industries to help you:

  • Drive growth – without increasing head count

  • Use technology to scale and increase efficiency

  • Increase business value through financials, product quality and reputation

  • Build a global financial model to succeed across geographies

Strategic Solutions and Services To Meet The Modern Business Mandate

Corporate & Business Intelligence Analytics Software Solutions

Fundamentally change how you run your business with the only cloud budgeting, consolidation and analytics solution that gives you a 360 degree view of your organization’s performance – past, present, and future.

Each product is an individual solution that stands on its own as the best of breed in the cloud. Our solutions also seamlessly integrate with one another in a powerful cloud platform. It’s the perfect balance of powerful and flexible features with an intuitive and easycustomer experience, in a suite of products that requires only a web-browser to be use

  • Look at the past with financial consolidation, reporting and disclosure
  • Anticipate change and predict the future with collaborative input and flexible budgeting and forecasting tools.
  • Understand both past and present with performance measurement illuminated by graphical visualizations, mobile apps, and a powerful in-memory analytic platform

Tips and Tricks for Achieving Accurate Forecasts

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