Microsoft Dynamics for Engineer-to-Order Manufacturing

Innovation, is an essential element to your overall business ecosystem; your company lives or dies on its ability to generate and deliver innovation. While many Engineer To Order (ETO)-based equipment manufacturing companies employ extremely creative and technically proficient personnel, true innovation as a driver of economic success does not happen until ideas are converted into products available in the marketplace. Today, the acceleration of technological change and market globalization has placed even greater pressure on the innovation resources and processes of most ETO-driven manufacturers.

End-to-End Business Management Solution for ETO-Manufacturers

In today’s competitive world, translating technical and intellectual creativity into economically profitable innovation requires a sophisticated and integrated business management system that addresses the full breadth and depth of the enterprise, its customers, its external stakeholders and its supply chain partners. We have years of experience working with Engineer-to-Order based equipment manufacturers and have the knowledge to help you overcome your unique business challenges and needs.

Our custom developed, end-to-end business management solution, based on the industry-leading enterprise management capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics, allows Sikich to address many of the key challenges faced by Engineer-to-Order based equipment manufacturers today.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365

A powerful, scalable and configurable solution designed for large, multi-site organizations that require financial, supply chain and manufacturing capabilities.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

A robust, broad ERP solution with multinational capabilities designed for quickly growing mid-size companies looking for flexibility and scalability.

How Planar Systems, Inc Optimize Their ERP Solution 

See how leading flat panel display technology company, Planar Systems, Inc. uses ERP software, Microsoft Dynamics AX, to streamline its manufacturing module.

Solving ETO Business Challenges

Do You Have These Business Challenges?…

Tedious and error-prone manual data transfers due to disconnected engineering and business applications

Homegrown tools and offline databases used to search for previous designs or jobs to apply to new quotes or orders.

Inability to accurately predict order-to-fulfillment lead times or to consistently meet commitment dates.

Manual processes for collecting project time and materials creates billing errors and delays performance reporting.

Phased workarounds required to release to production while engineering design work continues.

Costly rework and missed delivery dates due to inconsistent and ineffective change management.

Manual collection and communication of field issues to quality and engineering.

Errors, omissions and delays caused by ad-hoc approach to business processes.

Here’s How We Solve Them.

Integration adapter connecting Microsoft Dynamics AX to popular CAD and PDM/PLM applications

Single corporate database searchable for historical and current information on designs, jobs, customers, etc.

Real-time insight into capacity and status through sophisticated planning tools integrated with ordering functions.

Streamline data collection and validate entered information through automated interfaces tailored by employee role.

Unique product master architecture plus flexible production processes and dynamic costing eliminate workarounds.

Effective and repeatable change management through workflow-driven collaboration and electronic notification.

Integrated solution for customer issue management that includes mobile data capabilities and native case management on.

Repeatable best practices through system-wide workflow functions defined and managed by end users.

Comprehensive Services For All Your Technology Needs

Meet Our Engineer-to-Order Partner

Al Galinot
Al GalinotPartner, Microsoft Dynamics AX

Al Galinot has more than 25 years of manufacturing management experience in large-scale enterprise resource planning (ERP) manufacturing systems, including design and installation.  He was responsible for leading client engagements and integrations at Streamline Systems, a leading Baan and Microsoft Dynamics AX partner focused on the manufacturing industry. With the acquisition of Streamline in 2012, Al joined Sikich as partner for Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Al also has an extensive background in research and consulting in the manufacturing sector, as well as operations management in Europe and the United States. He works closely with clients to ensure the success of their ERP investment, and his real-world knowledge with growing national and international companies makes him a valuable asset to navigating the challenges and intricacies of any critical project.