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Improve Your Odds for a Successful ERP Implementation

Start with an ERP consulting partner offering a comprehensive range of essential services, from ERP selection, to business change management, ERP customization and integration, to training and strategic planning.

Our veteran ERP consultants are capable of offering guidance and support at every stage of the ERP implementation process.

Make the Right ERP Decisions

Recognize Cost

Reduce Administrative and Operational costs by 22% with a solution that offers accurate, real-time access to information.

Identify the Opportunities

Increase on-time deliveries by 24% and grow operating margins by 21% with improved visibility.

Take Your Time With Selection

Did you know that 1/3 of ERP buyers never demoed the product before they purchased it, and 22% purchased the fist system they viewed?

Know How to Avoid Failure

Unfortunately 40-80% of ERP implementations fail due to a lack of defined goals, and selecting the wrong implementation partner.

Understand the Future of ERP

By 2018, 1/3 of service-centric organizations will move the majority of their ERP applications to the cloud.

Support For Every Stage Of The ERP Process

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Do you need a partner to support your international transformation?

Organizations embarking on a cross-countries implementation all face similar challenges. Local statutory requirements, language barriers, work cultures like unusual business hours or week-long holidays,infrastructural issues like broadband availability  these issues can jeopardize successful local implementation.The politics and tensions between your headquarters and your country subsidiaries, especially when your entire organization is undergoing a business transformation is just the tip of the iceberg. You need expert guidance,local resources, implementations based on best practices, and tighter project management.

Global Dynamics ERP implementation specialists

To support organizations like yours with their international transformation journey, Sikich name has teamed up with Pipol, a global provider of Microsoft Dynamics solutions and services. Pipol is represented in more than 65 countries allowing us to provide you with a single point of contact for every stage of your business transformation  from identifying the problem  to strategy  to execution. As Pipol alliance partner, Sikich can offer you the functional competencies and the global presence required to support you wherever you’re located.

For years, Pipol has helped large and small international organizations with implementations across the globe wanting to harmonize processes, data and systems to drive business productivity and growth. The unique sourcing model enables us to choose the best team, because we are where your business is and because wehave vast experience and have done it dozens of times before. Together, we can help you too.

As Pipol alliance partner, Sikich can bring additional value to your business:

  • From implementation strategies to business process management and local deployments, learn how and we provide you with services that help you improve business, support implementation and utilize technology.
  • We help you select and implement the best infrastructure and solution to support your international ambitions.

  • Read our blog and benefit from the collective knowledge, expertise and experience of our entire team.


The Most Efficient Path to a Successful International ERP Implementation

Despite 20 years of ERP advancements, international ERP projects still carry with them inherent risk factors, which can give even the toughest and most experienced business professionals a nervous breakdown.

A standard ERP solution offers a promise of consolidation and harmonization, which can help an international company increase administrative efficiency, control costs and optimize processes
across the organization. However, reaping the benefits of a standard ERP solution requires a significant degree of preparation, structure and the ability to understand and adapt to local needs.

Download this whitepaper for the key principles to delivering a value-adding international ERP solution on time and on budget.

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Meet Our ERP Consulting Services Partner

Chris Korsgard, CPA
Chris Korsgard, CPAPartner-in-Charge, Professional Services

Chris oversees the ERP practice areas of the firm’s technology service line, working with clients throughout the U.S. He also heads up the firm-wide Professional Services specialty area. Chris has been working with Microsoft’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for more than 20 years and merged his successful IT consulting firm with Sikich in 2002. He’s a CPA and started his career with Price Waterhouse (Coopers) in Chicago. Chris manages one of the most highly respected ERP consulting practices in the Midwest built on the principals of excellent customer service and high integrity.

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