Microsoft Implementations for Family Office Management

Focusing on Family Office

The unique and complex accounting and reporting requirements of managing a Family Office with traditional accounting software is a challenge, to say the least. Ownership administration, capital distributions, fair market value adjustments and tax projections frequently require off-system spreadsheets and other tools to manage portfolios. Working with a software system that can handle these and other issues will allow for more time to focus on the real challenges. The administration of investments, specifically cash flow management is a key differentiator in private equity. Investor capital, fees, distribution of gains from investments, dividends or interest is erratic and unpredictable. It is imperative in this asset class to have a system in place to monitor these cash flows reliably and efficiently. With Sikich Family Office reporting becomes less cumbersome and can be accomplished through the utilization of fully integrated Excel and BI tools

We Understand Complex Accounting and Reporting Requirements

As one of the top 35 largest CPA firms in the country, we understand the complex accounting and reporting requirements of managing a Family Office; particularly the administrations of investments and cash flow management. Among the top 1 percent of all enterprise resource planning solution partners in the world, and member of Microsoft’s Inner Circle, we’ve developed tools, best practices and implementation methodologies to help Family office companies’ companies better manage their wealth, with compliant, consolidated bookkeeping.

Compliant, Consolidated Bookkeeping

Sikich Family Office Management for Microsoft Dynamics  is a full-featured, fully integrated enterprise financial system for single and multi Family Offices. Deployed either onpremise or cloud-based, Sikich Family Office allows you to manage your family office aspects of financial management, treasury responsibilities, ownership accounting, consolidations, distributions, capital calls, sales and use tax management, tax projections, tax reporting, asset aggregation and flexible performance reporting.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a complete, web-enabled, centralized business planning solution specifically designed for small to mid-sized companies.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

A robust, broad ERP solution with multinational capabilities designed for quickly growing mid-size companies looking for flexibility and scalability.

Sikich Family Office Management for Microsoft Dynamics Delivers:

  • Internal/External investment management
  • Active/Inactive tracking
  • Flexible Capital Calls with automatic document creation and storage
  • Flexible Distributions with supporting owner report creation and storage
  • Individual ownership ledgers to track entire transaction history in detail
  • Percent of ownership managed automatically, manually, or automatic with manual override
  • Tax Projection on demand
  • Roll-up/drill-down financial reporting
  • Flexible, dimension based chart of accounts
  • Automatic Due To/Due From accounting
  • Hundreds of entities managed seamlessly
  • Actual, fair market value, tax and statistical books maintained concurrently
  • Distribution of earnings
  • Earnings Accruals
  • Fair Market Value tracking
  • Sweep management
  • Taxable income projections by entity based on optionally annualized actual GL data
  • Projected K-1 and other manual adjustments
  • Consolidated Projected Income Calculation by owner for any reporting period
  • Separation of S-Corp and Non-S-Corp
  • Multiple projections in the same year
  • Interface to major tax preparation software for tax calculation
  • Vouchers and checks issued centrally, separated by entity
  • Sales and Use tax accruals
  • Electronic Fund Transfers
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Exchange Rate Management
  • Historic, Average, and Ending Balance Reporting
  • On Premise deployment
  • Cloud deployment

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Meet Our Family Office Partner

John Kleb
John KlebPartner, Strategic Technologies

John Kleb is Partner, Strategic Technologies at Sikich. John started out by building a six-person CPA firm to handle small-business accounting. Being part of a small firm, John gained exposure to issues facing other small businesses that blended his CPA background with his passion in Technology.

He joined Sikich in 1995 when he merged his accounting practice of 13 years to lead a newly formed Small Business Unit. His experience and expertise with Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision at the time) helped cement Sikich as an ERP implementation leader. John was also instrumental in starting the hugely popular Directions convention for those in the NAV tech community all over the world.

In his current role, John now uses his team centric approach to problem solving to help clients harness vast amounts of data, turn that data into actionable information, use that data to suggest courses of action, alert you to changes in that data, and/or call your attention to trends.