Finally, an intelligent ERP solution and business process model specifically for Industrial Equipment Manufacturing.

An Industrial Equipment Manufacturer (IEM) that produces discrete, complex products where multiple configurations of the products are available, can quickly leverage this pre-configured solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations. The IEM Configuration Solution is designed to improve financial results, provide good internal tracking and costing of actual production and outsourced activities, and provide accurate delivery to customers. Project Management tools are available to track both production and non-production activities where required. In addition, this solution enables Industrial Equipment Manufacturers to offer post-sale support and service for their equipment and products, as well as spare parts sales.

Sikich IEM Configuration Solution

The Ultimate Industrial Equipment Manufacturing ERP Solution on Dynamics 365

The Sikich Dynamics 365 team has a reputation for serving multiple vertical markets, with particular emphasis on the industrial equipment (IEM) vertical. Sikich provides deep knowledge of these verticals, offering veteran consultants that have worked in the industry.

How AX-IEM is Putting Manufacturers First

for Dynamics 365 Enterprise or Dynamics AX ERP

With 800 preset parameters based on IEM best practice, manufacturers have access to a system that supports this specialized field of manufacturing.

  • Quote or Proposal generation for prospect or customer (both Project Quote or Sales Quote)
  • Configuration of product or equipment based on a variety of rules and options as needed
  • Upon acceptance, conversion of quote to Sales Order or Project
  • Flexibility for generation of linked Production Orders, MRP Processing, or hybrid

  • Production Planning and Control with clear Status visibility

  • Complete and traceable Serial or Batch Control for those items/parts that are required

  • Purchasing per MRP plans, to specific Production Orders, or to Projects and WBS activities
  • Fulfillment, Shipment, Warehouse Management, Transportation Management
  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable in both standard and Project environments
  • General Ledger & Financial Dimensions

  • Management Reporting for financial reports

  • Power BI analytics on premise, in the cloud, and on mobile devices

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This is Why the Sikich IEM Configuration Solution is the Best ERP Solution for Industrial Equipment Manufacturers

Control Costs

The cost administration work space offers immediate insight into actual versus estimated cost for production orders, a critical feature for Industrial equipment builders.  A standard graph shows the highest variances, allowing for quick root cause analysis and problem solution in the production area.

Make Better Business Decisions

Track the metrics that are important to stay competitive and keep your finger on the pulse of your business. The Sickich IEM Configuration Solution leverages a variety of data architectures with performance dashboards and software solutions capable of providing BI KPIs in a wide variety of formats, essentially making the best of all worlds available.

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Sikich IEM Configuration Solution CASE STUDY: Hagler – Tribal Knowledge to Global Success

In 2009, Hagler Systems had about thirty employees, including four administrative staff. Today, it has grown to nearly 90 people strong thanks to a smart ERP implementation with the help of Sikich.

Become a Global Success

Manufacturing Projects Vs. Construction Projects

What’s the Difference?

There are fundamental differences between manufacturing and construction projects from an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system perspective.

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Meet Our Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Partner

Al Galinot
Al GalinotPartner, Microsoft Dynamics AX

Al Galinot has more than 25 years of manufacturing management experience in large-scale enterprise resource planning (ERP) manufacturing systems, including design and installation.  He was responsible for leading client engagements and integrations at Streamline Systems, a leading Baan and Microsoft Dynamics AX partner focused on the manufacturing industry. With the acquisition of Streamline in 2012, Al joined Sikich as partner for Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise Solutions.

Al also has an extensive background in research and consulting in the manufacturing sector, as well as operations management in Europe and the United States. He works closely with clients to ensure the success of their ERP investment, and his real-world knowledge with growing national and international companies makes him a valuable asset to navigating the challenges and intricacies of any critical project.