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5 Tips on Selecting ERP for Your Houston Area Organization

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Choosing the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for your organization is a key component to a successful ERP implementation. Many times, implementations that fail to meet expectations and organization needs are a result of poor ERP selection methodology. What is ERP selection methodology? ERP selection methodology is the process for selecting the best ERP solution for your organization, and the goal of an ERP software system is to streamline and provide functionality to all business processes. However, given all the potential ERP solutions, it is not uncommon for organizations to choose ERP solutions that are not a best fit – these can lead to costly and/or failed implementations. So, how does an organization go about choosing an ERP solution?  Here are five ERP selection tips to get your organization started. Understand user requirements. During poor software selection, organizations fail [...]

Free ERP Software isn’t Really Free

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Every business is different. From processes, culture to revenue, no two companies are ever the same. That presents an challenge when a small or medium sized organization starts to explore their ERP software opportunities. From the huge list of ERP software, where do you start? Exploration into free ERP systems is not an uncommon starting point because, frankly, the upfront price on traditional ERP systems can be shocking. Anyone that's done a little research into the free ERP products will find no shortage of lists, articles and collections of software that's out there. What's a little harder to surface is the answer to the question, "will this work for my business?" The reason is because there is a trade-off with free ERP systems not many people consider - the exchange of support and information. The Information Flow Dynamics of Traditional vs. Free ERP Systems On [...]