SuiteWorld 2017 was full of great information and even included a surprise guest! If you weren’t able to make it or want to see what you missed while trying to take it all in, you’re in luck! The great members of our NetSuite team attended SuiteWorld and took plenty of notes!

The following are the top 5 key takeaways from SuiteWorld 2017 directly from our NetSuite team.

  1. NetSuite announced a new offering for HR departments called SuitePeople which will be available June 1st. With SuitePeople, you can launch, run, and grow your HR team right within NetSuite’s platform. It will also come with pre-built reports and dashboards to use right away.
  2. US-based sandbox accounts will move to the production domain, which brings a number of advantages. The biggest advantage is that there will be zero downtime sandbox refresh.
  3. The evolution of NetSuite eCommerce, SuiteCommerce Standard, lies between Site Builder and SuiteCommerce Advanced. It is a quick, easy, and cheap way to launch a web store with a responsive, flexible design.
  4. NetSuite will be adding Token-based authentication for integrations, which will provide an extra layer of security within these integration. This authentication method doesn’t rely on a NetSuite login. Therefore, users do not have to update it each time their NetSuite password expires.
  5. “Next Starts Now” was the theme of SuiteWorld which defines their promise of more to come from NetSuite + Oracle including more offices, more countries, and more data centers.

Oracle’s CEO, Mark Hurd, also made a surprise appearance at SuiteWorld this year and had some great things to say. He discussed the important topic that has been on all our minds—NetSuite will be allowed to operate as usual under NetSuite VP, Jim McGeever, and Oracle products will not be forced on NetSuite. However, they will use the benefits of Oracle products to improve NetSuite in the future. Their strategy moving forward is to focus on adding more R&D, expand internationally, and add Oracle SaaS solutions to NetSuite such as budgeting, planning, HCM, and more.

If you have any questions or would like more information about SuiteWorld, please contact us today. You can also learn more about great tips for NetSuite on our YouTube playlist or our other posts.