Strategic IT Assessment and Planning Services

Your technology is the foundation for your organization. It’s how you run things. It’s how you do things. And it’s a significant part of how you achieve your goals.

Something as important as your technology requires not just exceptional day-to-day support, but exceptional
planning for the long-term.

Plan for the Future

Build Your Business to Withstand the Worst

Disasters (both natural and manmade) can happen at any time. That’s why it’s critical to your organization’s survival to have a total backup and disaster recovery plan in place. Whether an old server goes offline for good or a natural disaster hits, having both disaster recovery, business continuity and the ability to recover files quickly is crucial.

We offer comprehensive Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity planning services to ensure your business has a suitable and effective disaster recovery plan in place, specifically tailored to your business needs.


Select the Right Back-up Solution

We’ll help remove the frustration of navigating the various solutions on the market to help you choose the right solution for your business and company objectives, for your peace of mind.


Document Your Disaster Recovery Plan

We’ll help you identify holes in your network design and document what you need to have access to survive and thrive after a disaster. You’ll feel confident in a disaster recovery plan that addresses what you need today, tomorrow and beyond.


Put a Business Continuity Plan in Place

Our Business Continuity services build on disaster recovery and focuses on the availability of data and key applications during a disaster. Our experts will explore your viability needs to ensure your business survives during and in the aftermath of a disaster.


Strategic IT Assessments

In order to plan for the future, you have to know where you are today. The first step to creating a technology plan aligned with your organizational goals is to conduct a strategic assessment of your technology. Sikich’s Strategic IT Assessment is an indepth, comprehensive and objective review of your information systems, computer infrastructure and current method of technology support. Gain a clear and full picture of your current IT with insight and observations from Sikich’s most senior business and technology experts.

Could your organization benefit from fresh eyes and years of experience?

A Strategic IT Assessment will help you understand where your organization has been successful with technology, and where there is room for growth.

At the end of your Strategic IT Assessment, your organization will have a full picture of your current IT environment and how your end users interact with it, a prioritized set of next steps and areas for remediation,
and the basis for a long term, two to-three-year technology plan.

With your goals in mind, we help:

  • Identify gaps in technology
  • Recommend areas for increasing your organization’s productivity
  • Evaluate policies and procedures
  • Review how IT services are delivered to end users

Why Choose Sikich?

As a firm, we offer far more than technology services.  Our partners and staff have a breadth
of understanding, interaction and access to core business functions like accounting, human resources,
marketing and sales. This background gives us a broader, more strategic view of your technology.
Strategic IT Assessments and other planning services are a core part of our technology offering.
In addition to servicing hundreds of clients IT environments, we are ourselves a local, mid-sized business.
With nearly 700 employees and multiple locations, we internally experience many of the same challenges and opportunities you face.

Meet Our IT Strategic Services Partner

Scott Wegner
Scott WegnerPartner, IT Solutions Practice Leader

Scott is responsible for the firm’s network systems group. He also provides leadership for all the technology Sikich sells and supports. Scott maintains key vendor relationships to ensure growth and mutual success with our external partners.

With a number of industry certifications, Scott’s team designs, installs and maintains local- and wide-area networks. Although well versed in all technology areas, he specializes in internet security solutions, compliance, virtualization, hosting, disaster recovery and strategic technology planning.