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What is Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 is a scalable ERP and CRM system for any size company using Azure. You also get the tools that power your organization and new ones that will propel it to the next level.

Say, “Goodbye” to data silos and, “Hello!” to enhanced productivity backed by Microsoft’s built-in intelligence.

Choose the Right Fit

Enterprise Edition

  • For organizations with more than 250 employees
  • Built upon the Dynamics AX7 framework
  • The ecosystem includes Power BI, CRM, and Office 365
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Business Edition

  • Great for organizations with 10 – 250 employees
  • Cloud-based financial functions (formerly “Project Maderia”)
  • A light-weight CRM functionality (coming in 2017)
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Core Features of Dynamics 365


Marketing and sales can work closer than ever with CRM functionality built into the core of Dynamics 365.


Keep your company running from a single place with the powerful financial dashboards with operations in mind.


Azure is the backbone for Dynamics 365. You’ll never worry if your company can handle system expansion again.

Power BI

With the world awash in data, Power BI can help you make sense of it. Then take intelligent action.


Each company is a little bit different and, with PowerApps, you can personalize and extend Dynamics 365.

Common Data Model

Integration across Dynamics 365 comes complete out of the box with the common data model.

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Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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When Will Dynamics 365 Be Available?

It will be available November 1, 2016. Additional features will be released after that.

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How Much Will Dynamics 365 Cost?

There will be the choice to license by application, but there is a new role-based way that will provide greater flexibility for agile organizations.

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What is the "Common Data Model?"

The "common data model" is the standardization of "tagging" of information inside Dynamics 365.
This allows businesses to build automated processes using the entire productivity suite of Microsoft tools.

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What Happens to Dynamics AX, GP, NAV, SL and CRM?

Dynamics 365 is the evolution of the Dynamics family of products. Dynamics AX and CRM
will transition the Dynamics 365 automatically. The rest of the products will still be supported
and enhanced.

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Will Dynamics 365 Work On-Premise?

No. Dynamics 365 is powered by Azure and will rely on the cloud-based intelligence.

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