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As a process manufacturer, you understand the need for software that can easily create a variety of formulas while effectively meeting various customer requirements. Layer on top of that ongoing regulatory changes and you have what could be a complicated business process.

Specialized Support for Process Manufacturers

We help process manufacturers overcome industry challenges by delivering an integrated solution that automates and integrates crucial information across the entire supply-chain.  By leveraging Microsoft Dynamics ERP, our certified professionals can help you eliminate costly errors, increase production speed and minimize production delays.  We’ll help you select, implement, configure, integrate and support your Microsoft Dynamics solution to not only meet industry best practices, but to incorporate your specific business needs.

We help Process Manufacturers:

  • Identify problems and opportunities within product lines, manufacturing processes, distribution networks and marketplaces
  • Gain insight into what customers and markets to serve, what products to make and how to make them more profitably and efficiently
  • Achieve total regulatory control while delivering every batch efficiently and within spec
  • Improve communication across departments by delivering data in a centralized system

Complete Enterprise Solutions Built for Process Manufacturers

We offer comprehensive enterprise solutions, specifically configured to meet the needs of  Process Manufacturers to help you easily create a variety of formulas and effectively meet diverse customer requirements.

Sikich’s Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution for Process Manufacturing gives formula-based manufacturers the power to:

  • Calculate accurate production costs
  • Keep track of raw-materials in case of shortages
  • Alter production formulas as required
  • Support multiple units of measure for both raw materials and finished goods
  • Streamline productions and trace lots from vendor to consumer and back

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a complete, affordable, web-enabled, centralized business planning solution specifically designed for small to mid-sized companies.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

A robust, broad ERP solution with multinational capabilities designed for quickly growing mid-size companies looking for flexibility and scalability.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365

A powerful, configurable solution designed for large, multi-site organizations that require financial, supply chain and manufacturing capabilities.

Full Functionality For Real Business Outcomes

Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics Business Application’s extensive formula-based manufacturing software, and our deep industry expertise, we’re uniquely positioned to deliver a comprehensive solution for process manufacturers that automates and integrates critical information along the entire supply chain.

  • Achieve a more reliable inventory due to tighter controls during production recording
  • Easily manage inventory using a robust, multi-site warehousing system
  • Assign quality control tests for incoming raw materials and prevent usage in production until appropriate quality control status is achieved
  • Integrate bar code scanners with warehouse management systems (WMS)
  • Effortlessly maintain multiple formula versions and easily elevate a version for production while archiving older versions
  • Easily search formulas based on an unlimited number of company defined attribute values
  • Enable security functions to limit which users can view, modify and/or approve formulas
  • Quickly view real time cost information as formulas are updated
  • Effectively manage the complete cost of formulas to include labor and overhead as well as planned cost increases of raw materials
  • Quickly and accurately perform mass component maintenance in formulas
  • Cataloging of research and development projects allows visibility to compare project trials and ultimately convert to a formula
  • Identify standard quality control tests and values for individual formulas
  • View historical quality control values by formula production
  • Use material resource planning (MRP) to dynamically create purchase and production orders driven by sales orders and forecasts
  • Production calendar gives ability to view and modify schedule by day, week or month
  • Dynamically create purchase order requisitions from each MRP run
  • Batch yields can be quickly analyzed by formula, process cell, date or user
  • Schedule production batch material requirements to account for anticipated formula yield
  • Ability to account for production of by-products as batch production is recorded
  • Quickly and easily record production information
  • Reduce administration time by utilizing lot trace recall – track items in the system from purchase, through several layers of production to sales orders
  • Easily create regulatory documents such as allergen statements, SARA 313 reporting and harmonized system of classification and labeling of chemicals (GHS) compliant
  • safety data sheets
  • Simplify the process of maintaining and updating compliance documents by using a common template
  • Flexible quality control provides the opportunity to input based on multiple batch steps or incoming materials
  • Quickly generate “Certificate of Analysis” from a batch record or sales order
  • Quality control entry is no longer limited to the overall batch or incoming materials –our solution provides the ability to assign quality control sample testing to specific machinery or various steps within the batch

Comprehensive Services For All Your Technology Needs

Meet Our Process Manufacturing Industry Leader

Steve Kalina, CPA
Steve Kalina, CPASenior Managing Consultant, Technology

Steve Kalina has more than 16 years of experience in enterprise resource planning (ERP) manufacturing systems, including design, training and implementation. He has been leading client engagements and integrations using Microsoft Dynamics focusing on the manufacturing industry.  Steve joined Sikich as a Senior Managing Consultant on our Microsoft Dynamics NAV Team.  Prior to focusing on ERP system implementations, Steve spent 3 years in public accounting focusing solely on the Manufacturing & Distribution industries.

Steve works closely with clients to ensure the success of their ERP investment and operations backed by his experience working with clients within industries such as Beverage, Paints, Coatings, Cosmetics, Flavoring, Fragrance, Adhesives, and Hair Care.

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