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The Future of Cloud-Based ERP for Enterprises Starts with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Modules

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Sales for Dynamics 365 Enterprise

Better Revenue from Better Relationships

Don’t sit idle while your sales processes remain broken. With Dynamics 365, you can implement lasting change that gives power to your sales team to make better decisions and set more productive meetings.

Close more deals. Automate your sales processes to increase revenue, boost productivity, gain key insights, and reduce costs.

Create Better Relationships

Marketing for Dynamics 365 Enterprise

Marketing Where Customers are the Center of the Experience

The customer experience and journey is more complicated than ever. With industry leading automation tools, marketing can be more comprehensive and touch on more topics that matter to potential and long-term customers.

The marketing automation is powered by Adobe Marketing Cloud and will give your creatives the ability to reach more people than ever before.

Personalize Marketing Today

Customer Service for Dynamics 365 Enterprise

Continually Surprise and Delight Customers

Customer service doesn’t have to be synonymous with “miserable service” with the suite of tools that come with Dynamics 365 Enterprise. This way, you can keep your customer base happy and engaged.

Earn loyalty and stay agile with a single, unified customer experience empowers your agents to provide seamless end-to-end service.

Keep Your Best Customers

Field Service for Dynamics 365 Enterprise

Be Prepared for Service Calls Any Hour, Any Time

Dynamics 365 offers a complete field service management solution. This module allows you to optimize your service schedule with efficient routing, resource skill matching, and reduced travel time.

Wasting time on paperwork and manual procedures isn’t going to solve your customer’s problems, being responsive and on-time in a 24/7/365 world does.

Never Miss a Beat

Project Service for Dynamics 365 Enterprise

Optimize Customer Profitability

Business doesn’t stop the second a deal is closed. Project service automation helps you create project quotes and contracts, and create and manage projects for your clients after you’ve won the contract.

Using your data in Dynamics 365, you can make optimizations that impact revenue as you continue to nurture and care for your customers.

Start Optimizing

Operations for Dynamics 365 Enterprise

team meeting

Use New Streams of Data to Drive Business

The robust features and functionality delivered in the new Dynamics AX (AX7) powers the financials and operations of Dynamics 365 Enterprise.

Make Smarter Decisions

PowerApps for Dynamics 365 Enterprise

Build an App to Save Time, No Programming Required

Do you have a special set of skills or expertise and wish you could improve a process? Have you felt that lack of programming knowledge is holding you back from making a marked difference for your company?

With PowerApps, you can build an App that changes your day-to-day for the better without knowing how to program a single line of code.

Create Your App

AppSource for Dynamics 365 Enterprise

Extend Dynamics 365 to Personalize Your Installation

No ERP system will ever be entirely customized right out of the box. With Dynamics 365 Enterprise, PowerApps all you to tap into a vast developer network that allows you to plug-in specialized features for industries of all shapes and sizes.

Stop trying to fit a square peg in a round hole and start extending and personalizing your system to suit your needs and growth objectives.

Improve Your Efficiency

7 Emerging Technology Trends That are Changing Finance

Dynamics 365 Enterprise is empowering finance leaders to transform their organizations by increasing the speed of doing business, driving success today and into the future. Is your company leading or following these seven trends?

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Sikich works with companies of all shapes and sizes in a variety of industries to implement ERP systems that will improve the bottom line and allow companies to grow at an accelerated pace. Here are a few of our accomplishments from the decades we’ve successfully served our clients.

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