Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Integrated Sales, Marketing and Customer Service

With attention spans of consumers shrinking to fractions of a second, every single impression counts.

We live in a world rich with data. Data about companies. Data about people. If your organization isn’t able to harness, analyze and deploy that data, your competitors will.

That’s why growing companies need a reliable CRM system and architecture that will drive amazing experiences to help you book more business through teams working better (and smarter) together.

Start Making Better Decisions with Data

Collaborating Across the Organization


See everything you need so you can sell smarter and faster while you’re on the go. Touch-first mobile apps provide a consistent experience across any devices letting you update important data and get real-time insight on the metrics that matter most.

Win Faster


Engage customers with personalized, multichannel campaigns. Design materials that will reach your audience and manage campaigns in a single window—across email, social media, events, and direct mail.

Engage Customers


Enable customer service engagement across web, social, chat, mobile, and phone, including customer self-service and social care. Provide channel context for personalized service with minimal customer effort using Parature and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Earn Loyalty

Break Down Department Silos. Contact Us.

Ways to Deploy CRM



Deploy your organization in the cloud for ultimate data flexibility



Keep data more private with an on-premise solution



On-premise architecture with cloud-like flexibility

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 offers several different license levels (CALs): Essential, Basic, and Professional.  Each level grants an increasingly wider spectrum of use rights. This licensing flexibility enables customers to license the solution based on how their users use Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality and mix-and-match these licenses within a deployment.

Talk with our experts so you can make sure you are maximizing your investment in CRM. 

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What’s the ROI?


For every dollar spent on investing in CRM, research has shown it generates around $8 in revenue. That’s only if you understand your system, its capabilities, your staff is trained and data stays maintained. That’s why starting with a demo is important. You can see all the features upfront and make a determination based on the needs of your organization.

Did You Know…


of CRM implementations FAIL.

That’s because companies often take shortcuts without getting a good understanding of the needs of their organization and the features of a CRM implementation. Getting a solid demo that matches your requirements with product features will start your implementation off on the right foot that will give it the best chance at success.