Microsoft Dynamics NAV is designed for growing small to mid-size businesses.  The solution delivers accounting and finances, supply chain, and operations management for multi-language, multi-currency companies around the world.  Like the other Microsoft ERP solutions, NAV leverages the familiar user interface of its Office Suite products to extend the solution and improve user experience and adoption across the enterprise. Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps companies move from manual processes, disconnected systems and outdated software to a more intuitive system that can be easily customized to fit unique business needs and processes.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is available exclusively through Microsoft Dynamics Certified Partners, such as Sikich. Value Added Resellers (VARS) provide planning, implementation, customization, and support services to optimize the solution for each customer’s specific needs.

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Office 365 is the winning combination for business. When your email, calendar, and files seamlessly come together with your data, reports and business processes you get an integrated experience that no other stand-alone enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution can match.
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Why Choose Sikich as Your Implementation Partner?

Experience You Can Trust

Sikich has a proven track record of providing superior consulting and implementation services. Our project team has intimate knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and years of experience delivering projects on time, on budget and with great value.

With an ERP Gold Competency and an Inner Circle Partner who has been a certified Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner since 1995, Sikich has one of the largest NAV implementation consulting teams in the United States with more than 40 dedicated NAV resources located throughout the country. We have helped more than 200 clients successfully deploy Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the United States and around the globe in 65 countries. In addition, Sikich has been at the forefront of NAV installs, including completing the first North American install of NAV 2009 and NAV 2016.

  • Founding member of the Technology Adoption Program for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Founding and current board members of NAV Directions, the national partner council, including two past presidents
  • Founding and current board members of Pipol, an international consortium of partners, delivering Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementations globally
  • Author of the NAV-specific content in Microsoft’s SureStep Implementation Methodology
  • Premier member and key contributor of NAVUG (NAV User Group

“As a 3PL, our legacy systems were not sufficient in meeting our critical client needs and service level expectations. NAV greatly impacted our productivity and virtually eliminated the risk of errors.”

– Alex O’Dell, Vice President of Integrated Operations, CTL

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Sikich NAV Vertical Solutions

Sikich SCM is more than a warehouse management system, more than distribution software and more than accounting software. It is the fully integrated software solution that makes your business reporting functions come together into one of the most powerful analytic tools available on the market today. Designed for medium sized businesses you will find every business operation is represented in the level of detail you need to make accurate, precise decision making. Sikich SCM, powered by Microsoft Dynamics® will not only improve the way you do business, it will change the way you think about every aspect of distribution. A refined level of detail in your order processing and warehouse management will ensure you stay one step ahead of your customers. Accurate stock replenishment, detailed lead times, full customer history analysis, and integration with market data are just some of the functional aspects that guarantee no stone goes unturned in the quest for superior business information. Sikich SCM is the partner-delivered enterprise resource planning software (ERP), powered by Microsoft Dynamics® that your business needs for unparalleled insight into the engines that drive your business.

Supply Chain Management Functionality

  • Financial Management

  • Advanced Reporting

  • Order Management

  • eCommerce and SureTax Integration

  • National Accounts

  • Credit Management

  • Commissions Management

  • Trade Spend

  • Inventory Management

  • Catch Weight Management

  • Capacity Management

  • Vendor Performance Management

  • Forecasting and Replenishment

  • Warehouse Management

  • 3rd Party Logistics

  • Container Management

  • Pick to Parcel

  • Advanced EDI

  • Purchasing and Requisitions

  • Shipping and Receiving

  • Advanced Shipment Notification

We have developed a Third Party Logistics (3PL )software solution  that will allow your business to automate and integrate your warehouse, 3PL transactions and activities. The result will allow you to streamline processes to operate your supply chain business more efficiently and profitably.

  • Define rates to charge clients on over 20 warehouse activities.
  • Bill at periodic times rather than per order/shipment.
  • Charge for creating client items.
  • Manage warehouse activities (i.e. receipts, picks, physical inventory, returned shipments, ASN processing from supplier and return of client product to supplier).
  • User defined activities; manual vs. imported order and charging separate rates; manual PO creation vs. PO creation from ASN; expedited shipping charges (premium if shipping is same day).
  • Data import order addresses and sales order; unique method of consolidating order deliveries to improve performance; calculate cheapest shipping agent and service to make the requested delivery date; create and consolidate orders to single order with one ship date.
  • Efficient processing of order; pre-create package shipping labels; calculate cost effective ways to package items; pre-print shipping labels; Line Journal Scanning of shipping labels to collect shipments and update what is shipped directly from the line.
  • Charge for storage space utilized; limit bins to single client; track space used by client inventory.
  • Track KPI information on 3PL activities per customer.
  • Create projects to group activities together.
  • Define kits to be shipped.
  • Track KPI information per project.
  • Create blanket orders to hold demand until order addresses are imported later.
  • Invoice at project level (not each order shipment).
  • Scan option to add packaging information to shipping station and add item to order for inventory management and billing.
  • Queue lists of data import with errors that need attention for their projects or customers.
  • Quick access to rate cards and project definitions.
  • Track time and number of resources used on each line.
  • Feeds production orders for time consumed against production orders.
  • Feeds job journals for indirect labor tracking.

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Designed for formula-based manufacturing companies, including chemical, food and beverage, to support their production, supply chain and financial operations. Click here to learn how we support Process Manufacturers. 
Designed for Engineer-to-Order (ETO) companies to support their unique needs around design, manufacturing, inventory and financial management. Click here to learn how we support ETO manufacturers. 
Designed for rental companies to support operations, including service, sales, inventory, rental and repair. This includes healthcare, A/V, construction and general rentals.
Designed for energy companies to support operations, including service, sales, inventory, rental and repair. Click here to learn more. 
Designed for family office businesses to support their unique ownership accounting and financial & treasury management business need.Click here to learn more.
With this enterprise resource planning (ERP) offering, food banks are more appropriately equipped to receive, process and distribute food with different storage requirements. In addition, they can continue to procure large quantities of food from manufacturers, farmers, food drives and more. Find out how Sikich’s ERP Food Bank Management system can help food banks manage and maintain their centers.

  • Dual Check Signatures – Bitmap and Live Signature
  • National Accounts – Sell/Ship to Programs Bill to Agencies
  • Overdue Balances – Automated Hold Notifications ACH – BlackBaud Merchant Services
  • Grants Management
  • TEFAP Program and Food Allocation Management
  • Prior Period Adjustments
  • Batch Credit Memo Creation
  • Donor Management – Distinguish between Donors and Vendors
Credit Card, Payroll and Payables Import Commodity Supplemental Food Program Import Integration with Roadnet – External Routing Tool Integrated with Agency Express Grocery Rescue Import
Food Bank Classifications – Defined by Food Bank Codes and Uniform Number Codes Catch Weight Qualifiers – Define Items, Agencies/ Programs with Qualifier Freight Bills – Allocate Freight Costs to Purchased Item Vendor Catalog – Hold Different Prices by Vendor Custom Item Pricing Picking by Warehouse Zone Inventory Sourcing – Identify Donated Product as to its Source Inventory Categorization Physical Inventory Cycle Counts RF in the Warehouse – Pick, Put-Away, Move and Count Product Assembly Management Lot Level Expiration Management Delivery Charges Donation Pick-Ups

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Provides a seamless, real-time interface to the Wolters Kluwer’s SureTax platform to calculate and report accurate taxes on quotes, orders, invoices and credit memos for both sales and purchases.
Agriware transforms everyday business processes into powerful functionality that meets the unique demands of medium and large growers.

Learn more about Agriware HERE. 

Our Sikich NAVigators are Certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Our Sikich NAVigators are Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) NAV.  Our solutions have met Microsoft’s highest standards for Dynamics NAV implementations, meaning you can rest assured that these solutions have been thoroughly tested for seamless integration, are amply supported and protected, meet industry-specific requirements, and are quick to implement. Access the documents below to learn more.

Sikich NAVigators Software License Agreement | Sikich Product Availability Lifecycle Policy

Sikich NAVigators

Custom developed modules that help you get the most out of NAV

CMS NAV Role Tailored Client provides calculation, tracking, and reporting of line-level commissions. It provides several benefits to the user including multiple methods of defining commission rates (including margin), the ability to pay commissions upon partial or full receipt of payment from customers, batch reprinting of paid commissions, and automatic commission adjustment when item costs are adjusted. Salespeople can view the status of their commissions down to the document line level at any time from drillable flow fields on the Salesperson Commission Card or standard NAV Role Tailored Client Navigate functionality.

Sikich CMS Dynamics 365 Setup ManualSikich CMS Dynamics 365 User Manual

A worksheet tool designed to help manage inventory at lowest and most cost effective level based on Sales History. MRD calculates Target Quantity (Maximum Inventory) for an Item/Stock Keeping Unit based on Sales History. The Target Quantity is calculated based on Average Weekly Sales and the No. of weeks of On-Hand Quantity we want to carry for the item.

Sikich MRD NAV 20115 Setup and Functionality

Provides the capability to import customer product demand forecasting and release schedules in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. In simple terms, this is accomplished by capturing and tying the Forecasts and Shipments from the EDI 830s and 862s to Dynamics NAV Production Forecasts and Planning Engine. The SRF process imports an EDI 830 document sent by a Trade Partner and creates a Production forecast that can be used by Dynamics NAV MRP-MPS to create production orders on items that are built. When a ‘Firm’ release is given (either on the 830 itself with a ‘Firm’ indicator or on a separate EDI Document – 862), the demand is moved from production forecast to true orders. On items that are manufactured, SRF also calculates the demand of the components and generates the outbound EDI 830 Schedule to the component vendor. For vendors that are not EDI, SRF provides the ability to generate the Vendor Forecast as an Excel export from NAV.

Sikich SRF NAV 2015 Setup and Processing Guide

Subcontract Management allows for shipping the Purchase Order to the Vendor using Subcontractor shipping using Lanham E-Ship. The product adds the generation of a subcontract ledger entry type of Outbound which is rolled up into a flow field on the production routing line to indicate the product is out at the Vendor. The drill down to the ledger would indicate when that shipment was made. In addition receipts will update the ledger showing what is back from the Vendor.

Wireless WMS provides a simple to use user interface to perform complex warehouse processes using Dynamics NAV warehouse management functions. The screens are optimized to fit on small devices that can be used by employees in the warehouse with minimal keyboard entry. Prompts will direct the employee on how to perform the task.

Sikich WMS Guide 2.1

The ShopVue Connector provides the capability to allow the ShopVue product to interact cooperatively with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 by sharing a number of areas. On the NAV side, the ShopVue Production and Material Connector Granules contain code and data to support synchronization. On the ShopVue side there are SQL tables, views and procedures specific to NAV.

Sikich ShopVue Connector NAV 2015

Infinia Integrator for NAV will import General Ledger (GL) journal entries into Dynamics NAV with a simple Copy – Paste – Import from Excel. Select the company, choose the batch, and paste. The journal entries are fully validated before being imported in Dynamics NAV. Best of all, there are no complex integrations to define or maintain.