As a distribution company, you are required to have fast and accurate order fulfillment while managing pricing pressures from increased competition. Position yourself above the competition and boost customer satisfaction and loyalty while improving margins, decreasing operational costs and creating a competitive advantage.

Specialized Support for Distributors

For over 30 years, we have been helping Wholesale Distribution companies create a responsive, cost-effective supply chain that results in the best customer service. You’ll have immediate access to industry experts who draw upon their decades of experience to help build on your success. We’ll help you implement, customize, integrate and support the right ERP solution for your company, enabling you to optimize your inventory and truly perform end-to-end supply chain management.

We help Distributors:

  • Optimize Processes – Receiving, Put-Away, Replenishment, Manufacturing, Kitting, Storage, Picking, Packing, Shipping and Returns

  • Maximize Resources – Space, Labor, Equipment

  • Identify solutions to constraints

  • Define process improvement opportunities describing the enablers (people, equipment, technology)

Uncover Operational Improvements and Challenge the Status-Quo

There “exists a better way,” and our Industrial Engineering training and process mind set is dedicated to helping your company optimize, maximize and improve. Our Supply Chain Experts have performed hundreds of Distribution process assessments to review operational business processes, specifically related to distribution, inventory management, warehousing and manufacturing/kitting.

Our Assessment Approach is Data Driven and Consists of Five Steps

Optimize Processes. Maximize Resources.  Improve Operations.

Sikich and NetSuite have partnered together to deliver SuiteSuccess for Distributors.

SuiteSuccess takes advantage of NetSuite’s tens of thousands of successful implementations, and Sikich’s 30+ years of helping distributors optimize processes, maximize resources and improve operations, to deliver a complete business solution with unparalleled support.


Complete Enterprise Solutions

We offer comprehensive enterprise solutions, specifically configured to meet the needs of Distributors of all sizes. We offer several leading ERP solutions, with custom developed add-ons, for companies of every size, to deliver a flexible, comprehensive solution that meets your specific business needs.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX

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Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365

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NetSuite Cloud-Based ERP

NetSuite Cloud-Based ERP

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Sikich Supply Chain Management

Sikich SCM is more than a warehouse management system, more than distribution software and more than accounting software. It is the fully integrated software solution that makes your business reporting functions come together into one of the most powerful analytic tools available on the market today. Designed for medium sized businesses you will find every business operation is represented in the level of detail you need to make accurate, precise decision making. Sikich SCM, powered by Microsoft Dynamics® will not only improve the way you do business, it will change the way you think about every aspect of distribution. A refined level of detail in your order processing and warehouse management will ensure you stay one step ahead of your customers. Accurate stock replenishment, detailed lead times, full customer history analysis, and integration with market data are just some of the functional aspects that guarantee no stone goes unturned in the quest for superior business information. Sikich SCM is the partner-delivered enterprise resource planning software (ERP), powered by Microsoft Dynamics® that your business needs for unparalleled insight into the engines that drive your business.

Supply Chain Management Functionality

  • Financial Management

  • Advanced Reporting

  • Order Management

  • eCommerce and SureTax Integration

  • National Accounts

  • Credit Management

  • Commissions Management

  • Trade Spend

  • Inventory Management

  • Catch Weight Management

  • Capacity Management

  • Vendor Performance Management

  • Forecasting and Replenishment

  • Warehouse Management

  • 3rd Party Logistics

  • Container Management

  • Pick to Parcel

  • Advanced EDI

  • Purchasing and Requisitions

  • Shipping and Receiving

  • Advanced Shipment Notification

“Sikich provided us with the perfect supply chain management solution, accessible to nearly everyone in our organization. The new ERP system is flexible and user-friendly, and our employees are empowered to do their jobs more efficiently.”

– Bob Pyzdrowski, Executive Vice President, CTL

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Sikich Third Party Logistics

We have developed a Third Party Logistics (3PL )software solution  that will allow your business to automate and integrate your warehouse, 3PL transactions and activities. The result will allow you to streamline processes to operate your supply chain business more efficiently and profitably.

  • Define rates to charge clients on over 20 warehouse activities.
  • Bill at periodic times rather than per order/shipment.
  • Charge for creating client items.
  • Manage warehouse activities (i.e. receipts, picks, physical inventory, returned shipments, ASN processing from supplier and return of client product to supplier).
  • User defined activities; manual vs. imported order and charging separate rates; manual PO creation vs. PO creation from ASN; expedited shipping charges (premium if shipping is same day).
  • Data import order addresses and sales order; unique method of consolidating order deliveries to improve performance; calculate cheapest shipping agent and service to make the requested delivery date; create and consolidate orders to single order with one ship date.
  • Efficient processing of order; pre-create package shipping labels; calculate cost effective ways to package items; pre-print shipping labels; Line Journal Scanning of shipping labels to collect shipments and update what is shipped directly from the line.
  • Charge for storage space utilized; limit bins to single client; track space used by client inventory.
  • Track KPI information on 3PL activities per customer.
  • Create projects to group activities together.
  • Define kits to be shipped.
  • Track KPI information per project.
  • Create blanket orders to hold demand until order addresses are imported later.
  • Invoice at project level (not each order shipment).
  • Scan option to add packaging information to shipping station and add item to order for inventory management and billing.
  • Queue lists of data import with errors that need attention for their projects or customers.
  • Quick access to rate cards and project definitions.
  • Track time and number of resources used on each line.
  • Feeds production orders for time consumed against production orders.
  • Feeds job journals for indirect labor tracking.

Comprehensive Services For All Your Technology Needs

Meet Our Wholesale Distribution Industry Partner

Mike Suglich, CPA
Mike Suglich, CPAPartner, Technology Consulting & ERP Services

Mike is a senior partner in the firm’s technology service area and takes on a leadership role in managing the firms ERP practice in the Chicago and Naperville offices.  With more than 30 years of business, technology and enterprise resource planning experience, Mike is responsible for delivering business solutions with a focus on integrating systems, people and processes. Previously, Mike was the founder and CEO of a technology consulting firm, MAS Consulting. In January 2010, Mike merged his firm with Sikich LLP, bringing dedication to integrity, customer focus, client satisfaction and technical agility.